I'm a pretty compasionate fellow but my god, i get spare changed about every five minutes. Everywhere i walk around my work, I get asked for cash with the usual stories. I now live a few miles away from downtown Chicago. And out by my house there's an intersection that literally has a team of pan handlin' folks out of control. It was just this one kind of hippie looking couple, the guy looks like Thurston Moore if things turned out badly for him. I guess they've been doing really well there cuz they're out asking me for money every day, and it's been like five months. Now they have a bunch of friends on every corner.

I bring this up because i don't have much money right now and yesterday i went into crappy diner to grab a cheap and fast lunch. A guy at the counter said he didn't have enough money to buy a double cheeseburger. I gave him a couple of bucks and he asked me for more money, i told him that's all i had. He waited until i walked away and then walked out to the store across the street and bought a 40oz. low down