The election for Cicero Town President is to be held on April 1, 2003. The town has long been controlled by organized crime, and has been a home base for Chicago area corruption since the days of Capone. For those unfamiliar, Cicero is a town carved out of a section of Chicago's southwest side. It would usually be considered a 'suburb' but with its close proximity to the city it's almost like Chicago, and then with the system of government and long and sorted relationship with the governments of Chicago and the State of Illinois, it acts more like an autonomous town. When the town's President Betty Loren-Maltese was convicted of embezzling $12 million from the town through a phony insurance policy, the position of town leader was temporarily filled by the controlling Republican Party's Ramiro Gonzalez. I'm impressed by the supporters of the Democrat's Joseph Moreno. It's widely reported that the powerful Republican Party harasses supporters in town hall and out on the streets by ticketing cars. Personally, both parties have visited me. They both had the normal strict agenda of getting their candidate elected, but were quite nice and normal seeming town folks.

Inherently, I want to rid Cicero and the world of corruption and strong-armed control. It's no secret that I'm no Republican. But I moved to Cicero for specific reasons, and is removing the structure of government that has made it what it is today, going to help it grow or just change it to something I don't want? I moved here because it is close to downtown, cheap, and very safe. It's cheap mainly because it has such a bad reputation, and it's safe because historically mob leaders want to make sure their families and co cospirators are safe. Another perfect example I'm told is another mob stronghold, Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.

Sure, I would love to live in a place as progressive and beautiful as neighboring Oak Park, home of Frank Lloyd Wright, amazing school systems and government systems, same sex marriages, AND the highest property taxes in the entire United States. I didn't move to Oak Park for the same reason why I didn't move to downtown Chicago, because I couldn't afford it. Will these sudden reforms overprice some of the last affordable real estate left in the city? Oh yeah, it'll be great for me when I want to sell my house. But is it better for this community that is comfortably nestled in an otherwise gang-ridden and overpriced southwest side? All the Republican party of Cicero seems guilty of is running a government in a corrupt manner. Hmm, that sounds remarkably similar to every government ever. Betty was a really good mayor, err, I mean President from all of the research I've done and the rumblings around the neighborhood. And she was thrifty enough to save $12 million to take to Vegas. What if I were to help elect the other party, being just as corrupt but with no organizational skills.

I don't know what I'm going to do on April 1, 2003. I'll probably just leave town for a couple of days...