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Scott Bilby

Going back through the Epitonic catalog is bittersweet. Sweet in that the fondest memories of San Francisco, naive idealism, and music revolution rush back to me, but bitter in that instead of lamenting the site's demise, now I'm frustrated that there's not more new music to choose from. Several of the original founders and business team put this thing back together, and for that I'm truly grateful. It makes me want to discover music again...makes mp3s into something more than digital files, but a process that involves self-discovery, research, fumbling, exploring and finally identifying with the meaning in the sound and lyrics. Plus it's hilarious to remember picking out the colors for our new office with Colette, overriding Aaron's neon-sherbert explosion with 'hey it's gotta be 'Robots and Lipstick...Aaron, we're taking over'. Aaron was kind enough to let us. And it is truly incredible to see this once mighty creation reborn in the appropriate digital era. Now I have 32gb on my music player as opposed to 32mb (Thanks Diamond Rio!). Thank God the beer fridge is no longer staring me in the face!