Oh festival season... how I've missed you. We should have plenty of previews coming at you this month, but I figured I'd start it off with a festival I have always wanted to attend, but never had the pleasure. Though the name changes, it is known this year as Movement Electronic Music Festival. If you're not familiar, Movement is part of the renowned Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) program. Being from Detroit and an avid electronic fan, I cannot imagine not loving every second of this event. Sweaty, jam-packed dance halls, blaring bass and never enough water... what's not to love?

Below you'll find ten tracks from artists that will be performing this year. This event is coming up shortly (May 26-28), so if you're interested, I'd suggest making your plans now. Check out Movement's website for more information, and if you do happen to make it this year, shoot us a tweet (@epitonic) with your experience or some pictures.