In this column there are many excellent albums. Some are so good it's hard to compare them to the others. Who can say that the Archers of Loaf are better or worse than Tom Waits? How could anything be better than Tom Waits? Still, of all the albums I've bought recently, I want to say this is the best purchase, but I can't because it's too hard to compare it to the others -- they're all so different. Instead I'll just say that I'm most excited about this album. Mary Timony, front girl of Helium and former member of the most notable punk rock grrl groups Autoclave, is, without a doubt, one of the best female song writers indie rock has seen. You know how Blonde Redhead hit a new plane with the last album Melody for Certain Damaged Lemons? Well, Mary Timony has hit a new plane with The Golden Dove. It's that good (and has several songs that remind me of that Damanged Lemons album...). Top notch songs include: "Blood Tree", "Dr. Cat", "Dryad and the Mule" -- but they're all brilliant. Buy this album.