It is a crime that it took me this long to start buying Archers of Loaf cds. It's something I feel deep shame over. At the time when they hit the shelves I was into many of their contemporaries (Polvo, Sebadoh, Truman's Water, though oddly, not Pavement). What finally turned me onto them was Crooked Fingers, a new favorite of mine, which is essentially the solo project of Archers' front man Eric Bachmann. Going back and digging into these albums is a real treat because it's like I can taste what it was like to discover Polvo the first time. Archers are an exceptional band if you can wrap your ears around Bachmanns bark of a voice. I guess I didn't get it in college, but I get it now. Favorite tracks from these albums include "Wrong" (got this song is good), "Learo, You're a Hole", "Web in Front" (a classic example of their sound and a great song -- the chorus is blissful).