I have this theory about the whole Adam and Eve story. I'm an athiest, so I don't believe that such a myth actually took place, but I believe that the ethos that is Christianity has good reason for it's basic premise. Part of that, the expulsion part, I think is a self-evident predisposition we humans have for being unhappy. In other words, I think that God had to expell Adam and Eve from the garden if for no other reason than to get them to do anything other than be lazy, complacent mooches. To put it another way, I'll quote Nietzche (how cerebral of me): "I love life, but verily, only when I hate it."

Case in point: I'm somewhat uninspired right now. This is mostly because I lack any significant misery in my life right now. Things are, for the most part, going great. I've got a girl. I have an amazing home (with a friggin' yard -- in San Francisco, which is unheard of). I have the world's best job in many, many respects. I live in an awesome city. I have good friends. I am listening to Bjork right now. But the human condition assails me. Because I am so content right now I am uninspired. I am bored. Why bother getting up today? What could I do to make my life better?

Now, my life isn't that great. There are plenty of things that I would like to change, most of which are beyond my control and those that aren't would require sacrificing what I have for something that might be better but I'm not guaranteed to be able to get. These things are few though. But the sheer emptiness that I'm feeling at this precise moment (despite the Bjork) is one of the things that I feel I should be able to change but I lack the inspiration to seek out the method.

And why am I telling you this? Do I expect a response or something? Not really. I just haven't updated my editor's picks in a while and feel obligated to do so, and I have nothing else to talk about. What am I into lately? Nothing really. Video games. Chilling out in my back yard. Boring shit. Boring, boring shit.