So I get a phone call today and a (non-human) voice comes over the line telling me it has a 30 second survey for me and just dives right into question number 1:

Are you registered to vote?
I say yes.

Do I consider myself a Democrat?

On the issue of abortion, am I pro choice?

Do I agree with the NRA's assertion about everyone's rights to own guns?

etc. etc. etc.

And then the robot voice is thanking me and hanging up. Never did it say who it was taking the survey for. Now, normally I'm the type of conspiracy freak who would never give out personal information like that. Especially to a robot like myself. We're inscrupulous.

On the one hand I felt a little violated. Used. But on the other I felt special; like my opinion counts! Perhaps tomorrow people stuck at the airport will pick up USA Today (do people read that thing anywhere else?) and see a survey that points out that 99% of the population is Republican, thinks Abortion is evil, and loves the NRA. And I'll be that 1% outstanding that thinks Bush is a fucking moron. Yeah, I matter. I'm on the political radar.

But still there's that slimy feeling of being used, violated, and left. It's a cold world where a few moments with the voice of a robot can leave you feeling lonely and used.