I just went to see Cut Copy at some venue in London (Holy Ghost opened up). It was hard for me to really gauge how good a show it was. Aside from the fact that I was exhausted (got up at 6:30am and took the train to Bath to wander around, which I did for roughly 8 miles - for realz), we ended up in the balcony. The place reminded me of the Warfield in SF (where I live) - a show seen from the ground floor is always about 10x better than the balcony. I might as well watch the DVD...

I suppose I should write some stuff about how awesome it is for Epitonic to be back online. To be frank, I never thought this day would come. Epitonic has had a long and rocky road. We hit some serious heights back in the day and I will admit that they were some of the best days of my life. When the site slowly escaped from our control we watched it spiral away into something I couldn't bear to look at. It was like finding out your daughter was turning tricks in Vegas. Luckily, she's come home and that sore spot at the back of my mind feels whole again.

Anyway, without any further preamble, I'll just get to the music and share a playlist with you. Something I haven't done since November of 2002, which is too goddamn long.

Image by Eric Joyner, one of my favorite artists.