Don't ever found an internet startup. You know, I used to think it would all be glamour and sports cars and fast money and groupies and all the hard drugs I could ever wish for. I mean, like, who would have thought that things would be like this?

So check it. I'm chillin' in my Monday morning mood and the digs are all hoppin' with all the fine folks who make this site all fly and then there's this thing that rears its ugly head at me and ruins what could have been a pleasant day. They got these things called "Board Meetings" where you sit around and talk about stuff like money, God, and politics, or something -- I dunno 'cause I was just dozin' for the first half and then I did a line and got all spazzed and don't remember nothing now.

But anway, so I'm sitting there trying to get my drink on and my snack on and these pimps all talkin' talk about what it is that we be doin' around here. Yo, I'm telling you -- back off the internet startup craze. It ain't worth it. It's just one sure way to kill a good buzz and has the high probability of messing up something as simple as an editor's page with imitation culture. Um. Yeah.