As of late, us Chicagoans, and much of the Mid-West, have been experiencing some unseasonably warm weather. After a very mild winter some are chalking it up to global warming, while others are blaming Chicago's bipolar weather patterns and saying, "Oh don't worry we'll have a foot of snow in a couple of weeks."  Are you familiar with the classic saying, "If you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait 10 minutes?" Well, I waited ten minutes and it's still muggy as shit. However, I'm not complaining and I am fully embracing this extreme vitamin d high I've been riding for this past week. 

So even if this weather is a little premature and lacking in longevity, here is a little music suitable for catching some rays. So take advantage before it's to late, and you find yourself wondering why your noise hairs are frozen while you're taking 40 mph wind to the face.