As a Texas native, of course I’m slightly bitter about those experiencing one of the top-rated festivals first hand. Smack dab in the middle of street art, thrift shops, Tex-Mex, and the famous Texas (long island) teas, SXSW is not just a music festival and interactive event, it’s a hippie’s cultural haven.

In the midst of my jealousy, I’ve recently taken on a second job as an Austin trip advisor. I find my self constantly creating lists for people who don’t even ask for my expert services. They start with “you MUST to go to…” and my tone might be a tad pushy. I spout off names of homemade cookie lounges, interactive art spots, and even popular BBQ joints (and I’m a vegetarian). Who am I turning into?!

So one last thing, y'all. Want to swap lives for a day?

Sidebar: This playlist is dedicated to the vicarious SXSWers.