When we saw we were about to hit 4,000 followers on Epitonic's twitter account, we saw it as a watershed moment. So we decided to ask our followers how we should celebrate. Someone suggested picking a random follower to do a guest playlist and we said sure, you're hired. So here's a playlist by longtime Epitonic fan and twitter follower Christopher Melkus. He's chosen an excellent selection to celebrate our Big 4,000 so without further ado. - Eptionic

The Year That Saved Me by Christopher Melkus

2011 was miserable. Good riddance to the whole ugly mess. I mean, I've always looked forward. To everything. But 2011 is seriously dead to me, like roadkill in the rearview mirror. 2012 is already shaping up to shake the very roots of my expectations. Getting to do this playlist is obviously Exhibit A. Exhibit B is... well, I'm not going to waste your time and mine listing off how awesome this year has been so far. Let's just say I'll be betting against it getting much better. And therein lies the issue; if things are as good as they seem, they could possibly get better? Where do I go from here? Why am I even asking? If I was a smart fella, I'd count my blessings and live in the now. But I can't just snap my fingers and go Zen-buddhist all of the sudden. No, what that requires is music. Really, really goIod music. So here's some my favorites (both old and new); I tried to sequence this nonsense starting with the fun but edgy stuff darkening into churning damage which, of course, is remedied by a slow fade into slower, sweeter stuff. At least, that's how it sounds to me; like a healing process.

Aerogramme - Zionist Timing
Cursive - A Disruption In The Normal Swing of Things
Jucifer - Amplifier
Bloodiest - Slave Rule
Fin Fang Foom - Magnetic North
Engine Down - Pantomime
Shiner - The Egg
Autolux - Audience No. 2
Zola Jesus - The Vessel
Candy Claws - Snow Girl

NOTES// CURSIVE has a new album and are on tour (naturally, not coming to my hometown of Saint Louis). They've got a new single you can hear here. // You should seriously be following JUCIFER on Twitter because they are SUPER funny. // BLOODIEST is awesome; what's even more awesome is Bruce Lamont (of BLOODIEST) and Scott Kelly (of NEUROSIS) doing a Neil Young cover. // If you didn't pick up FIN FANG FOOM's last album "Monomyth" I can understand; it's a sleeper. But trust me; you're missing something incredible. // Keeley Davis of ENGINE DOWN is currently in the studio with SPARTA, recording their fourth album. Can we get a SPARTA + BRAID tour already, please? // SHINER is reissuing "The Egg" on vinly & reuniting for a tour. // AUTOLUX is currently in the studio. YAY FOR ALBUMS THAT AREN'T FOUR YEARS APART! // ZOLA JESUS is on tour and will be visiting THE LUMINARY ARTS in Saint Louis in support of her incredibly good new album CONATUS // CANDY CLAWS is just generally incredible. Chris Walla thinks so too.

Artwork by: http://feelafraidcomic.com/