Some of my fondest memories take place around bonfires. In fact, I believe that may be the thing I miss the most about living 10 minutes away from a rural area. The smell, the people, and let's not forget the s'mores: these are all things that, for me, truly signify the coming of summer. Since moving to the city the seasons seem to blend into each other. Summers pass by without a second thought and before long winter is knocking at our doors. Away from the city lights this all feels different; while time continues to move just as fast, the need to just stop and look around at the world happens far more often for me. 

In the year that I felt most alive I lived in a small college town with some of my closest friends. While the bonfires were small they were some of the most meaningful and many a time you could find me sipping cheap wine from paper cups while a poorly tuned guitar played Okkervil River's "Westfall." Next to the fire the world seemed new and strange, the future was far and our imaginations were endless. I applaud my good company and the 3am conversations on the philosophies within LOST for truly defining that summer. 

So this one is for you all: for the blue-eyed philosophy lover, for the brother I never had and his best friend who's laugh could cure the worst of days, for the big friendly giant who was the world's best neighbor, and for the two boys who have watched me grow into who I am today. These summers are missed and so are you.