Living next to Wrigley Field isn't as much fun as I thought it might be. The trains are crowded, there are people walking past my apartment during the games, it's hard to get anywhere around the stadium, I don't have any money to go to games, etc., etc. 

However... I love baseball. 

Being from the east coast and being a fan of the American League, people ask me about the Yankees. This doesn't always sit well with me as my favorite team is, and always will be, the Boston Red Sox. Now back to Wrigley, the Cubs, and the National League. Something about the Cubs, Wrigleyville, and Chicago makes all the terrible things like the trains and crowds worth it. I'm sure it's that undefinable thing that people have been writing about forever but even when the Cubs lose, just seeing the stadium, going to games, and talking about the Cubs is always a lot of fun. 

I took the train to class on opening day this year and looking out over Addison, listening to whatever band I was listening to, it was cool to be a part of in some way. Sorry if their is any White Sox fans reading this, no hard feelings. I've been to your stadium too, but only to see Boston play. So what do I know about the Cubs and their history? I'm just a college kid from New York living in a trendy neighborhood. What I do know is that baseball is always fun to be a part of and with a team like the Cubs, and a place like Wrigley, it's hard to get annoyed by something like a crowded train.