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The cooks of Vein started out with a recipe for digital depression. But someone left this dissonant electronic cake in the oven a little too long. The creations Vein pumps out reminds one of what Nine Inch Nails tried to accomplish. With crass vocals on top of an oppressive breaking beat, or with dissonance resonating from one ear to the next as super-slick synth lines play with your perceptions, Vein manages to create an air of beauty in a room full of audible smoke. You won't find this music playing at most American clubs just yet, but once DJs manage to get their hands on this, the entropy in clubs will increase by a factor of ten.

"Fourtrack" is an exploration in acoustic reverb, ambient melodies, and phantom rhythms. Definitely best-suited for a quiet reflective moment in your otherwise wasted days. It manages to build from nowhere into a definitive yet ambiguous tempo and leave you wondering where the beat came from in the end.

"Apex" is a masterpiece of simplicity and reaction. With simple parts from synth to vocals to drums overlapping in an ever-increasing complexity, the song manages to mold facets of time and glass-like textures into a movement that's unlikely to induce an iota of complacency.

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