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Turning Point

The place is New Jersey, the time the late '80s, the landscape a mess of turnpikes, middle class suburbs and exurbs, and disaffected youth. Of the numerous youth subcultures that flourished there, perhaps none were as noteworthy as the straight-edge scene. One of the most popular bands in that scene was the legendary Turning Point, an aggressive, emotional hardcore band with an uncanny knack for writing rousing youth anthems. Their songs were anguished and concise, channeling the sense of alienation and paranoia inspired by the bleak landscape of the Garden State into two-minute blasts of fierce honest emotions. Turning Point's songs were full of scalding guitars, chugging bass, furious drumming, and rasping, tortured vocals that occasionally gave way to rousing group sing-alongs. But there was always melody and emotion buried beneath the noise, keeping the band's sound accessible.

Sadly, Turning Point disbanded in 1991. But Jade Tree Records -- which emerged from the emo/hardcore scene to which Turning Point was so central -- has paid tribute to the band by releasing a comprehensive 38-song discography simply titled Turning Point 1988-1991. The record features the band's complete output, including their one full album, seven-inches, compilation tracks, demos, and live bootleg recordings.

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