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The Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast comes to us not from the western rim of Africa, but from the eastern rim of the U.S. of A.. -- Boston, MA, to be precise. They're an upbeat quintet with a raucous, slightly sloppy guitar-based sound that slightly recalls the college rock sounds of a decade or so ago -- people like the Dinosaur Jr. and Superchunk -- as well as the emo angst of the mid '90s. Singer (and guitarist) Jay Fox doesn't go for melodies so much as raspy, rhythmic rants, giving The Ivory Coast a slightly punky feel. A keyboard (and sometimes two) gives the group's bouncy rock abandon a bit of a comically spooky new wave edge. The group's debut full-length, recorded in 1998 and '99 though it wasn't released until 2000, is titled The Rush of Oncoming Traffic. "Swope" is from the Polyvinyl CD compilation, ReDirection.

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