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The Fisticuffs Bluff

Santa Cruz, California-based Fisticuffs Bluff was a band that excited everyone who heard them. When their first single hit the record stores in 1994, the kids lapped up the napalm cocktail -- shrieking female vocals layered over an avalanche of confusingly obtuse instruments -- like it was free methadone. In 1995, after several singles and personnel changes, the band just kind of disappeared. Fans would wait for the next album to come out, or for the band to come to town on tour, and it just never happened. Underground music lovers gotta expect such things, because musicians have to get paying jobs, or go back to school, or simply get pissed at each other after being in a van together for too many weeks. But the unexplained disappearance of a great band is still difficult to accept. Now, years after the fact, Troubleman has released the complete discography, which is quite the mandatory archive for fans both old and new. Thank you, Troubleman!