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The Feud

The Feud's goofy 'n' spooky instrumental rock is gonna blow you out of your chair. No joke. This is incredibly distinctive stuff, occupying a strange musical land just east of Devo, west of the The Fucking Champs and Man or Astro-man?, down the mountain from Ornette Coleman's free jazz castle, and across the water from Link Wray's exotic surf rock island paradise. Whatever they're feuding about, it's doing wonders for their music.

The peculiar sextet comes from Syosset, New York, right smack-dab in the middle of that charming wasteland known as Long Island. Brought together by a love for Sonic Youth, krautrock, jazz, post-punk, and indie rock, they started rehearsing in a garage and soon were making some of the most adventurous noise ever to come out of Nassau County. By 1997 they had a record, the eight-song The Feud Versus Yr Universe, featuring "Sometimes...Few Dingo" and "Darker Than This." These songs all start with powerful forward-moving grooves built from heavy, sinuous bass lines, twitchy guitars, and tons of nervous, bristling percussion. From there the band explodes in all directions with synth trickery, electronic effects and general weirdness, freeform jazz asides, and some awesome proggy, metal guitar riffing. You can throw The Feud in the post-rock camp if you want, but the difference between them and most post-rock bands is that they're not afraid to rock. And rock they do, consistently, even when they're completely screwing with their sound.

The Feud went on to record a five-song demo with the legendary guitar army composer Glenn Branca and the great producer Wharton Tiers. The group then recorded a full-length in 2001 at Chicago's SOMA Studios, which they mixed and released the following year, called Language Is Technology. The record features "Curdins Haylyn."