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The Drags

Who isn't a sucker for this kind let-it-all-hang-out-and-just-rock guitar rock? When it's done right it's just so damn good, and the Drags, out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, do it right. In the grand tradition of great bands like the Sonics and the Seeds and, more recently, the Gories and Billy Childish's various garage-punk projects, the Drags make blues-based rock music that revels in its own raunch. Cloaked in the cruddy veneer of its extremely lo-fi production, the Drags songs are full of hair-raising guitar squalls and hysterical wanderings that sound like the cries of a distressed mental patient, heavy I'm-gonna-mess-you-up bass, and frantic drum foundations. On top of all that you get nasty yelped vocals that will have your lip curling in sympathy. On their third full-length, 1999's Set Right Fit to Blow Clean Up (which features "Dirty Little Bird" and "The Kickfighter"), the Drags have gotten even meaner by adding a fourth member (and a second razor-sharp guitar). If you like your rock ugly and tough, this is what you need.