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The Detachment Kit

The Detachment Kit is from Chicago, but please don't take Chicago to be synonymous with wanky post-rock or abrasive No Wave, because this quartet is not part of either of those Windy City scenes. No, The Detachment Kit has more in common with the many East Coast bands which practice the craft of angular, ever-shifting indie rock; their music is full of dramatic loud-soft snaps, skeletal guitar structures a la second wave punk acts like Wire, and a healthy dose of brash, snotty attitude reminiscent of the The Pixies. Like Les Savy Fav, an acknowledged influence, The Detachment Kit masterfully balances hooks and aggression, melody and dissonance.

The Detachment Kit released its debut LP, They Raging. Quiet Army, on New York-based Self-Starter Foundation in 2001.