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The Azusa Plane

In three years, The Azusa Plane discography has risen to 40 plus releases on various labels. It all started in late '95 with a solitary seven-inch, which contained their statement of purpose: "This is volume 1 of the 10-volume vinyl collection documenting the existence of The Azusa Plane. Following the 10th volume, The Azusa Plane will disintegrate and cease to exist." So it began, and now there are over 40 releases. Go figure.

With a sound not unlike the guitar swellings of Glenn Branca, The Azusa Plane throws every music formula and expectation out the window, producing volumes of cascading drones, noise, broken melody, and atonality. The band centers around the guitar work of Jason Diemilio, who joins Jason Knight (of The Marinernine and China the Beautiful) on guitar, and Quentin Stoltzfus (of Mazarin) on drums to create a rocking, bowel-dropping live set. The Azusa Plane are well-known for their dark and miraculous sound, playing shows all over the world for the worshipers of noise.

In addition to his work with The Azusa Plane, Jason Diemilio performs solo as The Spires of Oxford and runs the label Colorful Clouds For Acoustics.