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The Appleseed Cast

The Appleseed Cast have undergone a number of stylistic changes through their career, which could account for the difficulty in classifying their fifth album, 2003's Two Conversations. Though the mood rarely strays from the melancholic and heart-achey, the style roams around the emo end of the musical spectrum, ranging from atmospheric emo-core, a mood they explored on their earliest release The End of the Ring Wars (Deep Elm, 1998), to more traditional straight-ahead rock. The Appleseed Cast seems to be returning to a style their fans are more familiar with, after a brief foray into the more experimental, electronic-y (and less commercially accepted) attempts on their 2001 double album Low Level Owl.

This evolution of style could be a byproduct of the band-member changes they've undergone since their formation in 1998. The original Lawrence, Kansas quartet consisted of Christopher Crisci (vocals, guitar), Aaron Pillar (guitar), Jason Wickersheim (bass) and Louie Ruiz (drums). They now have Marc Young playing bass and Josh Baruth on drums.