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The Angels of Light

The Angels of Light provide a somber, introspective survey of anguished emotions. Both tender and abysmal, their lyrical content and organic instrumentation are marked by melancholic tonalities that are tempered by touches of dissonance and distress.

By employing the serene timbres of acoustic instrumentation, Michael Gira and fellow former memebers of Swans paint a portrait in sound filled with placid resignation and the reflective nostalgia of a dying man. Both ceremonious and sacrificial, the evocative and haunting nature of Gira's Angels Of Light suggests a dreamlike state in which things crawl forward at a slow, opiated tempo. The featured track, "Praise Your Name," from The Angels of Light's 1999 debut album, New Mother, exemplifies the aura that surrounds their music.

The Angels of Light are a mature succession to Gira's previous projects. The band retains all the personality of Swans while thoughtfully altering their musical style to fit their complicated message: beauty, love, culpability, addiction, death, and ruin.

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