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The And/Ors

Good grief, The And/Ors are catchy. At times, you might say catchy like Superdrag, in that they frequently put together bombastic, power pop anthems that never let up for an instant, full of bits of dissonant noise that swirls around without ever detracting from the golden melodies. But The And/Ors' songbook is a bit more eclectic than that, going from Slanted and Enchanted-style laconic indie rock to glorious, sugarcoated Big Star-derived power pop, and even occasionally zigzagging into stoned-out spaciness or country-fried psychedelia or Crazy Horse-inspired garage jam sessions. The ragged rock anthems are at the core, but those are like heavenly bodies around which all manner of celestial detritus constantly orbits.

One would expect great things from this quartet of solid indie veterans. Singer/guitarist Daniel Black started The And/Ors as a bedroom side project after his old band The Interstate Ten went bust. After collaborating with a number of musicians, Black got together with guitarist Lane Miller, formerly of Thee Psychic Hearts and now of Corrugated. Soon thereafter, ex-Crash Worship drummer Chris Wassel and ex-Jejune bassist Arabella Harrison signed on and the band was complete. The band's fine debut record, Will Self Destruct, came out in early 2001.