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Terry Lee Brown Jr.

The name Terry Lee Brown Jr. conjures up images of Costa Rican coffee houses, Cuban cigars, and Cointreau. Conversely, the name Norman Feller conjures up images of tax returns, ticket inspectors, and daytime TV. Funny thing is, they're both the same person. Born and raised in Germany, Norman Feller began his dance music career in '89 in the traditional way, behind the decks. A passion for spinning developed into a passion for producing, and by '93 he had released his first record, "The Big Deal." Later that year Feller teamed up with Tom Wax (of AwEX fame), with whom he produced the tech-trance anthem, "Tales Of Mystery." Feller produced further tracks for a number of labels, including Kickin', Suck Me Plasma, Phuture Wax (as Watchman), and Influence (as Phasis), before hooking up with Alex Plastic, founder of Plastic City. Mr. Plastic commissioned Feller to remix Soundcraft's house anthem, "The Movement The Message," and hence Terry Lee Brown Jr. was born.

Specializing in prehistoric, fossil-deep tech-house, Feller has built an enviable catalog of classics for the UCMG empire as Terry Lee Brown Jr.. On hearing the Brother For Real full-length, house music's "Move Your Body" national anthem-maker Marshall Jefferson declared Feller (or should that be Brown Jr.?) a god. Praise indeed from a man of this stature. Feller's sophomore full-length, Chocolate Chords, was equally as well-received and led to remixes for artists such as Kym Mazelle, LSG, Future Funk, SIL, and ATOM. Released in late 2000, From Dub Til Dawn is Feller's third album to date. UCMG in New York have been kind enough to give us two tracks for download, the minimal, late-night, Basic Channel-esque title track, and "Take Your Time," co-produced with JFC (aka Timewriter). The former is for the leather armchair, the latter for the weathered dance floor.