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Techno Animal

The name Techno Animal can be misleading at first and may discourage the very listeners who will love this project. To some, the name Techno Animal will conjure thoughts of decadent X'ed-out dance music. Ah, but Techno Animal is just the opposite, although electronic music is the root. In fact, the name was created in the early '90s when founders Kevin Martin and Justin Broadrick didn't even know that the subgenre of techno existed. Think more of "technological animal" and the true sound becomes clearer. Think depraved and dark, stark and alienating electronic beats filtered through a hellstorm of tube preamps and overdrive racks. Barbiturately fattened synths through those same preamps drown out all mainstream appeal while monstrous bass tones destroy your new pair of speakers.

If that isn't enough, add in a brutal and twisted hip hop element with rhymes courtesy of Anti Pop Consortium, Dalek, Sonic Sum, and Rubberoom, and your mind will be as destroyed as those cones in the JBL's. Kevin Martin and Justin Broadrick are longtime and frequent collaborators, and their other animals include Broadrick's band Godflesh and Martin's God. So this isn't the first project that has defined the duo as sick, but might very well be the best. Techno Animal has released albums every few years since 1992 and has definitely evolved in sound and style with the times. Their most recent album, Brotherhood of the Bomb, is well represented here thanks to Matador Records. The album has the unfortunate distinction of being released on September 11, 2001, which might explain why you missed it -- until now.