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Sweet Trip

Sweet Trip is a San Francisco-based Asian/Latino trio, best known for their colorful and unique fusion of classic pop songcraft, warm analog synth tones, and vintage Fender strings. Their sound is what the name suggests, a lovely odyssey into constantly shifting electronic rhythms and textures, with an occasional cameo by electric guitar or bass. This is what New Order would have sounded like with successful anti-depressant therapy. Sweet Trip's live shows have garnered favorable press in the local news weeklies, and they have graced many a stage with their friends and labelmates, Junior Varsity KM.

This title track of their recent EP, Alura, shows them in a more electronic, more instrumental mood than the previous Halica LP. A fluttering, butterfly-like vocal sample introduces a timeless, passionate chord sequence from the film of the year. As you follow the sample with your ear, a funky electro break takes your hand and leads you into a shimmering trance dream from a much happier time in your childhood.