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Suretoss has been a labor of love for Jigsaw Records founder Chris McFarlane, a sometimes arduous project he has kept alive through numerous relocations and lineup changes. The band's sound is classic and eminently enjoyable: frenetic, soupy indie pop that's not incredibly innovative, just a rousing good time. McFarlane and co (actually, sometimes Suretoss is just McFarlane) pull off dynamic, satisfying soft/loud verse/chorus transitions while soaking you in warm currents of sunny rhythms that threaten to drown the stretched-thin vocals. Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, and other proponents of the tuneful lo-fi aesthetic are obvious reference points, though Suretoss tends slightly more towards cute bedroom pop.

McFarlane started the group shortly after he began college at the University of North Texas in Denton. After a couple of shaky years, Suretoss started to get a little recognition, but the rest of the group started moving away from the light pop sound McFarlane was going for, so he parted ways with them after one seven-inch, ?Like the Sun (featuring "Passenger"). Now bandless, he continued recording alone under the Suretoss moniker, playing all the instruments himself. The eventual result was the 15-song Harmless Intentions cassette released in '98 (featuring "Low Show"). Over the next few years there were a few aborted attempts at bands, but nothing worked out. Alone on Christmas in '98, McFarlane recorded again, producing the three-song Christmas-themed single "Quiet Christmas" (featuring "Snowless Winter." Finally, in 2000, McFarlane recruited two members of The Condiments to form a full-fledged version of Suretoss once again.

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