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Austin, Texas's Subset (not to be confused with the Sir Mix-A-Lot/Presidents of the United States of America project of the same name) makes effortlessly catchy pop music. Lindsay Simon (vocals, guitar, bass, keys) and Nathan Fish (vocals, bass, guitar, keys) formed the band in February 1999 with the help of their faithful friend Justin the Drum Machine and soon released a seven-inch, "Circuitis," in early '99. After a bitter fight, human drummer Tom Hudson (Silver Scooter) replaced Justin and Subset's lineup was complete.

Since then, Subset has been featured on two compilations, Bands that Begin with "S" (Sweatbox) and Repository of Fun! (Animatronic). In late '99, Subset recorded their first album, Overpass (Post-Parlo Records), featuring "Anchor," "Umbrellas, for Example," and "Guaranty."

The songs' jaunty melodies, lilting harmonies, and whirring organ are all highlighted by Scott Garred's (Silver Scooter) crisp production. The lyrics are poignant and earnest, echoing The Promise Ring and Death Cab For Cutie. But that's not to say that Subset is all smooth edges and sensitive songwriting: these guys aren't afraid to rock, either, layering angular guitar chords, aggressive bass lines, and pounding drum rhythms into percussive blasts of power-post-punk energy.

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