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Marc Weiser (the man behind the music) and Lillevaen (the man behind the visuals) provide deep aquatic techno and raspy electronic hip hop under the name Rechenzentrum. Besides gracing the decks on a regular basis, Weiser also promotes the extremely popular Berlin club Maria Am Ostbahnof. As Rechenzentrum, he has remixed tracks for Tarwater, Laub, and Elektronauten. Weiser is also one-half of DJ and producer team Le Hammond Inferno (signed to Bungalow) who themselves have remixed Saint Etienne, Pizzicato Five, Balanco, and Fantasic Plastic Machine. To top it off, Weiser is one-half of the organization team behind the international music and media festival Club Transmediale in Berlin. Lillevaen is a well-known visual artist who has worked in Tokyo with artists including Blixa Bargeld and Zbigniew Karkowski and in NYC with Christine Hill.

As Rechenzentrum, Weiser and Lillevaen construct an elaborate and highly complex collage of deep hypnotic techno house sounds and intricate well-defined visuals. "Camera silens / SFB115," taken from the self-titled full length on Kitty-Yo, is intelligent and deep without being overtly chin-stroking. In 2001 Rechenzentrum released The John Peel Session, featuring more minimal and abstract electronic music. "IBM" contains a very spooky sample featuring HAL from Stanley Kubrick's 2001. Like Markus Nikolai, Dimbiman, and Ricardos Villalobos from Perlon, Rechenzentrum are putting the funk back into deep minimal techno.

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