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R. Carlos Nakai R. Carlos Nakai Ra Ra Riot Ra Ra Riot Rabbits Rabbits Racebannon Racebannon RACES RACES Rachel's Rachel's Radar Radar radar brothers radar brothers Radical Dads Radical Dads Radio 4 Radio 4 Radio Flyer Radio Flyer Radio Moscow Radio Moscow Radio Mundial Radio Mundial Radio Zumbido Radio Zumbido Radius Radius Rae & Christian Rae & Christian Raekwon Raekwon Rafter Rafter Rah Bras Rah Bras Rah Rah Rah Rah Rain For Rent Rain For Rent Rainbow Flava Rainbow Flava Rainer Maria Rainer Maria Raleigh Moncrief Raleigh Moncrief Ralfe Band Ralfe Band Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band Ralphi Rosario Ralphi Rosario Ramona Falls Ramona Falls Ramonst3r Ramonst3r Ramova Ramova Ramparts Ramparts Random Child Random Child Randy Greif Randy Greif Rapoon Rapoon Rareform Rareform Ras Command Ras Command Rasco Rasco Ratatat Ratatat Raumskaya Raumskaya Ray's Vast Basement Ray's Vast Basement Raz Ohara Raz Ohara Razika Razika Reading Rainbow Reading Rainbow Readymade Readymade Rearview Mirror Rearview Mirror Rebecca Gates Rebecca Gates Rebel Crew Rebel Crew Rechenzentrum Rechenzentrum Rectangle Rectangle Red Delicious Red Delicious Red Eyed Legends Red Eyed Legends Red Fang Red Fang Red Monkey Red Monkey Red Planet Red Planet Red Red Meat Red Red Meat Red Shirt Brigade Red Shirt Brigade Red Snapper Red Snapper Red Stars Theory Red Stars Theory Redahan Redahan Redd Kross Redd Kross Redgrave Redgrave Reflection Reflection Refree Refree Regents Regents Regina Spektor Regina Spektor Regulatorwatts Regulatorwatts Reizoko Reizoko Remy Zero Remy Zero Replicator Replicator Replikants Replikants Reptar Reptar Resin Resin Resin Scraper Resin Scraper Restorations Restorations Retaard Spoilage Retaard Spoilage Retribution Gospel Choir Retribution Gospel Choir Retsin Retsin Reuben's Accomplice Reuben's Accomplice Revocation Revocation Rex the Triangle Rex the Triangle Ricardo Donoso Ricardo Donoso Rich Crook Rich Crook Richard Buckner Richard Buckner Richard Davies Richard Davies Richard Hell Richard Hell Richard Swift Richard Swift Richard Youngs Richard Youngs Rick Gehrenbeck Rick Gehrenbeck Rick Ross Rick Ross Rick Wade Rick Wade Right On Dynamite Right On Dynamite Rilo Kiley Rilo Kiley Rites Rites Rithma Rithma Rival Schools Rival Schools Rizing Sun Productions Rizing Sun Productions Rizzo Rizzo Roads to Space Travel Roads to Space Travel Rob Crow Rob Crow Rob St. John Rob St. John Rob Wakeman Rob Wakeman Robert AA Lowe & Rose Lazar Robert AA Lowe & Rose Lazar Robert Cray Robert Cray Robert Creeley Robert Creeley Robert Johnson Robert Johnson Robert Plant Robert Plant Robin Pecknold Robin Pecknold Robin Porter Robin Porter Roc Raida Roc Raida Rocket from the Crypt Rocket from the Crypt Rocketship Rocketship Rocky Business Rocky Business Rodan Rodan Roger Ring & Kevin Kleft Roger Ring & Kevin Kleft Roman Evening Roman Evening Roni Size Roni Size Ronnie Richards Ronnie Richards Rook Vallade Rook Vallade Roommate Roommate Rosa Chance Well Rosa Chance Well Rose of Sharon Rose of Sharon Rostam Batmanglij Rostam Batmanglij ROVA Saxophone Quartet ROVA Saxophone Quartet Rovo Rovo Roy Davis Jr. Roy Davis Jr. Royal Baths Royal Baths Royal City Royal City Royal Headache Royal Headache Royal Pendletons Royal Pendletons Royal Thunder Royal Thunder Royksopp Royksopp Rubblebucket Rubblebucket Ruins Ruins Rumah Sakit Rumah Sakit Run the Jewels Run the Jewels Runaways UK Runaways UK Russell Simins Russell Simins Russian Circles Russian Circles Rust Belt Lights Rust Belt Lights Rwake Rwake Ryan Hemsworth Ryan Hemsworth Ryan Lee Crosby Ryan Lee Crosby RYAT RYAT Rydell Rydell Rye Coalition Rye Coalition Ryuichi Sakamoto Ryuichi Sakamoto RØSENKØPF RØSENKØPF The Race The Race The Radar Bros. The Radar Bros. The Radishes The Radishes The Rapture The Rapture The Raveonettes The Raveonettes The Red Scare The Red Scare The Reports The Reports The Right Now The Right Now The Rock*A*Teens The Rock*A*Teens The Rondelles The Rondelles The Roots of Orchis The Roots of Orchis The Rosebuds The Rosebuds The Runnies The Runnies The Rural Alberta Advantage The Rural Alberta Advantage The Rurals The Rurals