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From start to finish, Ottawa pummels you into submission. Grinding guitar assaults, frenzied jackhammer drums, and chunky distorted bass chords give way to vocal exchanges in which the two singers scream bloody murder at each other. On "Desensitized," Jeff Rice growls and grunts in his pitched-down, death metal snarl while Matt Weeks hollers in a high-pitched banshee screech, quickly bringing the minute-long track to feverish heights. Clocking in at a minute forty, "Victim of Dedication" is the record's longest track. It showcases the band's more melodic side and suggests the influence of early '80s English punk bands like Conflict, Crass, and Discharge with its military-style drum rolls. "Holy of Holies," the first track on the original LP, blasts forth with bass, drums, and guitar all beating the living hell out of you while Weeks and Rice scream violently about the pitfalls of Christianity. The song almost chugs to a standstill before finishing in a barrage of spastic drums and angry, guttural shrieks. Like their contemporaries Los Crudos, Ottawa nurtured a heightened social awareness in the punk community, rallying against multinational corporations, social injustice, gentrification of low-income urban areas, and the hypocrisy of organized religion.

Long out of print, the Ottawa/Jihad split 12-inch is considered highly collectible. Ottawa also appeared on a seven-inch compilation and a Japanese hardcore compilation CD.

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