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Onionz and Master D

Onionz and Master D have built an enviable catalog of releases in the mere four years that they have been producing. Their work has been released on Imperial Dub, Caffeine, Moody, Red Melon, Low Pressings, and of course their own Electrik Soul imprint. They follow in the footsteps of Halo & Hipp-E (aka H-Foundation), Doc Martin, and DJ Spun, with "Latin Jam," their debut for San Diego's Siesta.

They build dance floor hysteria around rock solid beat loops, south of the border percussion, and heavy bass rolls. From boat parties in the San Francisco Bay to sweaty warehouse parties in London to the hands-in-air excitement of the The Twilo in New York (R.I.P.), this is the house sound that is permeating its way through clubland. A must-have download for fans of Peace Division, Space Junk, and the Anti-Trance-Terrorists.

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