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Muler is yet another promising indie rock outfit to emerge from the burgeoning upstate New York music scene. The band plays a very loud, messy, colorful brand of rock music full of pop hooks and punk power that reflects a love for seminal indie rock outfits like Dinosaur Jr. and the Pixies. The band's sound is distinguished by singer David Baumgartner's raw, raucous vocal style and Kristin Durso's muscular runaway guitar parts. Bassist Will Veeder and drummer Sean Leahy round out the foursome.

Muler has been at it since early 1993, putting out numerous seven-inches, one full-length (1997), and 1999's Motelbibleschool EP, which features "Omaha." If you're in the mood for sloppy, exuberant, happy-go-lucky rock that makes you feel like it's summer no matter what the season, Muler's your band.

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