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Mount Sims

Los Angeles's Mount Sims, AKA Matt Sims, wraps together the quite disparate aspects of his life to create his offerings to the glamour, sex, and drum machine-obsessed electro scene.

Preaching "technosexuality," Mount Sims claims Giorgio Moroder, Depeche Mode, and Curtis Mayfield as influences, but the artist's penchant for public nudity and fondness for the teachings of Eros indicate inspirations drawn from less musical roots. Like New York's Fischerspooner, Mount Sims plays gigs that are as much performance art as they are music shows. Mount Sims is equally at home droning lyrics over layers of loops and dense synth washes as he is providing the soundtrack to a modern dance piece or avant-now fashion show.

Ultra Sex, Sims's debut LP, first caught the attention of Germany's DJ Hell, who signed the former model to his acclaimed electro label, International Dee Jay Gigolo. Emperor Norton picked up U.S. rights and paired Mount Sims with producer Mickey Petralia to "freak the mix a bit more" and record four additional tracks. 13 well-crafted tracks of fashionable electro with techno-sexual approved lyrics round out an album that would best serve as an accompaniment to a pleather-wrapped orgy.

Tracks such as "Rational Behavior" channel Prince, or at least Beck channeling Prince, complete with clunky bleep breakdowns. "Delicious & Nutritious" on the other hand treads darker territory, with fast breaks and looming bass lines upping the dance floor fear factor. However, as an album Ultra Sex seems partially vacant when separated from the live show elements of Sims's painful looking attire and the erotically charged dance routines of the Mount Sims dancers.

That said, Mount Sims are a perfectly L.A. answer to the electro craze: exhibitionist, stylish, and polished.

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