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Modular has his own specific sound that, while loosely fitting into the confines of drum and bass, draws on a number of other subgenres in its overall aim to fry the brain! In 1998, after studying electro acoustic composition at the Montreal music conservatory for three years, David Archambault began work on his Modular project. The German influence in his music (he cites bands from Mouse on Mars to Oval and Microstoria) comes through clearly by way of the digital brilliance and avant-garde composition. Scattered breaks weave their way through a distant soundscape of futuristic synth washes and ethereal, electronic effects.

"B-Beat," Archambault's debut release for the self-professed major label-shunning Tar Media imprint, is a masterpiece of modern programming that breathes fresh air into the more abstract side of drum and bass.

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