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Ming + FS

In an effort to extend the existing boundaries of urban music production, Ming + FS fuse the best elements of U.S. hip hop, U.K. drum and bass, Detroit electro, and Bay Area turntablism to create their very own 'junkyard' style. If you could combine the two-step beats of Ed Rush with the downtempo sensibilities of Peanut Butter Wolf and the scratching and transforming abilities of Q Bert, the result would be close to the sound of Ming + FS.

Hailing from Connecticut, FS is a respected hip hop producer and a highly sought-after remixer who has worked with Coolio, Brandy, and Channel Live of the KRS-One Posse. New York native Ming completed his degree in electrical engineering and audio production at the University of Miami. Together, the two opened their Madhattan recording studio and label, and in no time were remixing the likes of Spooky, OmZone, and Terra Deva. After acclaimed releases on Madhattan, Ubiquity, and Jungle Sky, Ming + FS caught the attention of San Francisco's Om Records.

Hell's Kitchen, their debut full-length on Om, is a wild, funk-heavy journey through the boundless terrain of electronic sound and acoustic virtuosity. From the bass-heavy, scratched-up, guitar-infused opener, "Hell's Kitchen," it's obvious that the Ming + FS trip is going to take the listener a lot further than the average beat-driven sound. The pair constructed every sound element on the record -- from the programmed beats to the live Fender Rhodes keyboards -- and completed all production in their Hell's Kitchen-based Madhattan Studios. Ming + FS have since released "The Human Condition," licensed to Deep Concentration 3, and featured on their '01 full-length of same name.