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With the 1998 passing of the Austin quartet Mineral, the already enervated emo genre died a little more. But for a few short years, the group's mastery of the melodic, emotional rock form inspired the devoted worship of thousands of young fans. The group's sound was as elemental as its name. Sometimes delicate and searching, sometimes vast and beautiful -- always extraordinarily intricate -- Mineral's songs articulated the confusion and anxiety of being young and often lonely in a chaotic, millennial world.

Mineral formed in 1994 and immediately hit the touring circuit, bringing with them numerous slices of precious seven-inch vinyl. With 1995 came an association with Crank! and a debut LP, The Power of Failing. Three years went by before the band issued a follow-up, EndSerenading, which proved the last record the members had in them, as they parted ways soon after. The two records are nice documents of the unique emotional power of the much maligned emo genre: dense, angularly beautiful studies in powerful dynamics and quivering melodies.

After Mineral's breakup, singer/guitarist Chris Simpson and bassist Jeremy Gomez started The Gloria Record. Guitarist Scott McCarver and drummer Gabe Wiley briefly played in a group called Imbroco, before Wiley moved on to Pop Unknown and McCarver to parts unknown.

"Gloria" and "Parking Lot" appeared on Mineral's very first seven-inch, released on Christie Front Drive bassist Kerry McDonald's Audio Concept label. The songs reappeared on The Power of Failing.