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Magnapop is an often overlooked, veteran indie rock band from the musical hotbed of the South, Athens, Georgia. The band has a knack for pulling perfect power pop songs out of thin air as if they were so many magic tricks. Magnapop's songs are built around the killer one-two combination of Linda Hopper's smooth, confident vocals and Ruthie Morris's buzzing, kinetic guitar playing (which so impressed Juliana Hatfield that she was moved to write a song about Morris, "Ruthless"). The band's other half, drummer David McNair and bassist Shannon Mulvaney, provides full-speed-ahead rhythms that give the songs tremendous energy and will have your feet tapping right out of their shoes. Magnapop isn't out to reinvent the wheel with their music, but their energetic, intelligent The Pixies/The Breeders-style songcraft is sure to make you happy.

The band has been around for quite awhile; their buddy Michael Stipe produced their demos back in the late ?80s and early ?90s. They've released three full-lengths: a 1992 self-titled debut, 1994's Hot Boxing (produced by another friend of theirs, Bob Mould), and 1996's Rubbing Doesn't Help. They've also put out countless seven-inches and singles and appeared on numerous compilations. One of those was Vital Cog's Pet Sounds, Volume 1, a benefit for ALTER (Animal Liberation through Education and Reform), which features "Cherry Bomb."

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