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M Trax M Trax M'Lumbo M'Lumbo M. Ward M. Ward M.T. Bearington M.T. Bearington M83 M83 Mac DeMarco Mac DeMarco Macgillicuddys Macgillicuddys Machinedrum Machinedrum Made For TV Movie Made For TV Movie Madeon Madeon Madi Diaz Madi Diaz Maestro Echoplex Maestro Echoplex Maggie Bjorklund Maggie Bjorklund Magicks Magicks Magnapop Magnapop Magnetic Island Magnetic Island Magnetophone Magnetophone Magnolia Electric Co. Magnolia Electric Co. Magpie, Dan Schatz, emma's revolution, Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer and friends Magpie, Dan Schatz, emma's revolution, Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer and friends Mahalia Jackson Mahalia Jackson Main Attrakionz Main Attrakionz Maintain Radio Silence Maintain Radio Silence Majeure Majeure Majhas Majhas Make Believe Make Believe Make Up Make Up Making Friendz Making Friendz Male Bonding Male Bonding Man Man Man Man Man or Astro-man? Man or Astro-man? Manishevitz Manishevitz Many Places Many Places Maps & Atlases Maps & Atlases Marcus B. Marcus B. Marianne Faithfull Marianne Faithfull Marine Research Marine Research Marionette ID Marionette ID Marissa Nadler Marissa Nadler Maritime Maritime Marius Marius Mark Ambrose Mark Ambrose Mark Ambrose & Omni A.M. Mark Ambrose & Omni A.M. Mark Boling Trio Mark Boling Trio Mark Farina Mark Farina Mark Lanegan Mark Lanegan Mark Rae Mark Rae mark ronson and the business intl. mark ronson and the business intl. Mark Sultan Mark Sultan Marko Casso Marko Casso Marky Star Marky Star Marmoset Marmoset Marnie Stern Marnie Stern Marriages Marriages Martha's Vineyard Ferries Martha's Vineyard Ferries Martin Rev Martin Rev Marumari Marumari Mary Timony Mary Timony Mary's 9th Cut Mary's 9th Cut Maserati Maserati Mason Jennings Mason Jennings Masterminds Masterminds Mates of State Mates of State Math Geek Math Geek Mathias Grassow Mathias Grassow Mathieu Santos Mathieu Santos Matmos Matmos Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt Bauer Matt Bauer Matt Elliott Matt Elliott Matt Johnson Matt Johnson Matt Jonson Matt Jonson Matt Keating Matt Keating Matt Marque Matt Marque Matt Pond PA Matt Pond PA Matt Suggs Matt Suggs Matthew Dear Matthew Dear Matthew Friedberger Matthew Friedberger Matthew Hattie Hein Matthew Hattie Hein Matthias Ziegler Matthias Ziegler Mattski Mattski Maureen Parker Maureen Parker Maurice Ravel Maurice Ravel Mausi Mausi Max Bill Max Bill Maximillian Colby Maximillian Colby Maximo Park Maximo Park Mayday Mayday Mayhem Mayhem Mazarin Mazarin mbilly mbilly MC Paul Barman MC Paul Barman MC Sultan MC Sultan MC5 MC5 Mclusky Mclusky ME & LP ME & LP Mean Lady Mean Lady Meat Katie Meat Katie Meat Wave Meat Wave Mecca Normal Mecca Normal Meek Mill Meek Mill Megafaun Megafaun Megan Reilly Megan Reilly Meghan Wolf Meghan Wolf Mekons Mekons Mellow Mellow Mellowhigh Mellowhigh Melt Yourself Down Melt Yourself Down Memory Tapes Memory Tapes Memoryhouse Memoryhouse Memotone Memotone Memphis Memphis Menace Menace Menahan Street Band Menahan Street Band Mendo Mendo Menomena Menomena Mental Architects Mental Architects Menthol Menthol Mercury Rev Mercury Rev Mermaids Mermaids Meshell Ndegeocello Meshell Ndegeocello Metal Spark Metal Spark Metamatics Metamatics Metric Metric Metropolitan Metropolitan Metz Metz Mexicans with Guns Mexicans with Guns Meyhem Lauren Meyhem Lauren Mez Mez Mezzanine Owls Mezzanine Owls MF Doom MF Doom Mi Ami Mi Ami Mia Doi Todd Mia Doi Todd Micachu and the Shapes Micachu and the Shapes Michael J. Sheehy Michael J. Sheehy Michael Krassner Michael Krassner Michael Yonkers Band Michael Yonkers Band Michel Banabila, Hannes Vennik, and Bobby Michel Banabila, Hannes Vennik, and Bobby Michel Camilo Michel Camilo Michel De Hey VS. Literon Michel De Hey VS. Literon Mick Barr Mick Barr Microburst Microburst Microphones Microphones Midlake Midlake Midwest Product Midwest Product Migala Migala Migs & Jelly Migs & Jelly Migs and Rasoul Migs and Rasoul Miguel Miguel Miguel Frasconi Miguel Frasconi Miguel Graca Miguel Graca Miguel Migs Miguel Migs Miguel Migs and Marc Jellybear Miguel Migs and Marc Jellybear Miguel Q Miguel Q Miho Hatori Miho Hatori Miike Snow Miike Snow Mikael Stavostrand Mikael Stavostrand Mikal Cronin Mikal Cronin Mike Errico Mike Errico Mike G Mike G Milagres Milagres Mild Mannered Janitors Mild Mannered Janitors Milemarker Milemarker Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Milk Music Milk Music Millenia Nova Millenia Nova Milo Greene Milo Greene Mind Spiders Mind Spiders Mineral Mineral Ming + FS Ming + FS Ming + FS meet DJ J-Rocc Ming + FS meet DJ J-Rocc Minks Minks Minmae Minmae Minor Characters Minor Characters Minus 8 Minus 8 Minus the Bear Minus the Bear Miracle Chosuke Miracle Chosuke Miracle Condition Miracle Condition Miracle Fortress Miracle Fortress Miracle Parade Miracle Parade Miracles of Modern Science Miracles of Modern Science Mirah Mirah Mirza Mirza Miss Kittin & the Hacker Miss Kittin & the Hacker Miss Mary Miss Mary Mission Of Burma Mission Of Burma Mist Glider Mist Glider Mister Lies Mister Lies Mitsu Mitsu Mixmaster Mike Mixmaster Mike MK Ultra MK Ultra Mocean Worker Mocean Worker Modern English Modern English Modern Time Machines Modern Time Machines Modest Mouse Modest Mouse Modulor Modulor Moe Green Moe Green Mogwai Mogwai Mohinder Mohinder Mojave 3 Mojave 3 Molasses Molasses Mondo Grosso Mondo Grosso Mono Mono Monroe Mustang Monroe Mustang Montevideo Montevideo Moon Boots Moon Boots Moon Duo Moon Duo moonbell moonbell Mooncake Mooncake Moonface Moonface Moonlight Matters Moonlight Matters Moped Moped Morcheeba Morcheeba Moreno Veloso + 2 Moreno Veloso + 2 Morgan Page Morgan Page Moritat Moritat Morose Morose Morsel Morsel Morton Feldman Morton Feldman Mory Kante Mory Kante Mose Giganticus Mose Giganticus Moslang & Guhl (Voice Crack) Moslang & Guhl (Voice Crack) Moss Icon Moss Icon Mother Mother Mother Mother Motopony Motopony Motorama Motorama Motorboater Motorboater Mount Analog Mount Analog Mount Everest Trio Mount Everest Trio Mount Florida Mount Florida Mount Kimbie Mount Kimbie Mount Sims Mount Sims Mountains Mountains Mouse Mouse Move D Move D Moving Units Moving Units MPC People MPC People Mr. B. Wacka Mr. B. Wacka Mr. Bill Mr. Bill Mr. Chop Mr. Chop Mr. Gnome Mr. Gnome Mr. Gone Mr. Gone Mr. Mixel Pixel Mr. Mixel Pixel Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire Mud Boy and the Neutrons Mud Boy and the Neutrons Muddy Waters Muddy Waters Mudhoney Mudhoney Muki Muki Muler Muler Mull Historical Society Mull Historical Society Mungolian Jet Set Mungolian Jet Set Murat Murat Murder By Death Murder By Death Murph Watkins Murph Watkins Mus Mus Musee Mecanique Musee Mecanique Mush Millions Mush Millions Muslimgauze Muslimgauze Mutts Mutts Mux Mool Mux Mool Mwahaha Mwahaha My Brightest Diamond My Brightest Diamond My Disco My Disco My Lai My Lai My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket Mycomplex Mycomplex Mystik Journeymen Mystik Journeymen The Maccabees The Maccabees The Mad Capsule Markets The Mad Capsule Markets The Magnetic Fields The Magnetic Fields The Marinernine The Marinernine The Marshmallow Ghosts The Marshmallow Ghosts The Maxwell Implosion The Maxwell Implosion The Memphis Goons The Memphis Goons The Men The Men The Mendoza Line The Mendoza Line The Mercury Program The Mercury Program The Milk and Honey Band The Milk and Honey Band The Mirror Boys The Mirror Boys The Monkeywrench The Monkeywrench The Monorchid The Monorchid The Montgolfier Brothers The Montgolfier Brothers The Mooney Suzuki The Mooney Suzuki The Mopes The Mopes The Morning Benders The Morning Benders The Most Secret Method The Most Secret Method The Most Serene Republic The Most Serene Republic The Mother Hips The Mother Hips The Mountain Goats The Mountain Goats The Mr T Experience The Mr T Experience The Mynabirds The Mynabirds