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Loren MazzaCane Connors

Loren MazzaCane Connors has been making records since the 1970s, but as he said in an interview in the Olympia, WA zine Wooly Bugger, "I consider my solo stuff starting in 1988 when I started doing electric guitar with a couple of tracks on it. Everything before that is kind of preliminary stuff, jamming or kind of improv stuff."

Loren's genius is rendered in his simultaneously abstract and intuitive improvisations; whether the work is fragile and quiet or laden with feedback, it all seethes with a gorgeous lyricism. This is true even of his works which incorporate a good deal drone, noise and sustained chord phrasing.

While Loren's work is almost exclusively instrumental, his discs are often suites organized around Irish themes. For example, the Calloden Harvest CD on (Road Cone) invokes Lord Cromwell's infamous invasion and occupation of Ireland, whereas 1993's Hell's Kitchen Park is a representation of sorts into New York City's terrible turn-of-the-century Irish slum of the same name.

Loren has increasingly collaborated with other artists throughout this decade. In addition to his numerous releases with Alan Licht, Keiji Haino and Suzanne Langille, Loren has also joined up with Darin Gray, Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore, and Andrew Burnes and David Daniell of San Agustin. The recent Drag City CD, Hoffman Estates, is even a "big band" record as conceived by Jim O'Rourke.

Still, Loren's solo work is as necessary and vibrant as ever, as evidenced by 1996's Long Nights (Table of the Elements) or his CD on Road Cone, Airs, and you owe it to yourself to discover and explore the deep beauty of this guitarist's work.