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Lifter Puller

Craig Finn, Lifter Puller's inscrutable singer, rants about all kinds of seemingly nonsensical things, but something about his half-swallowed Eric Bachmann-meets-Mark E. Smith-meets-Prisonshake vocals make it all go down smooth. Smooth like cigarettes and straight vodka. This is ass-shakin', girlfriend-stealin', fancy moves-makin' rock music, straight from the great rock city of Minneapolis. You can tell this band knows how to work it and have a good time, too.

Lifter Puller has it together: after releasing records on No Alternative and Skene!, and putting one out themselves, they have found a home with The Self-Starter Foundation and Frenchkiss Records. Minneapolis's The City Pages quoted Joe Strummer as saying "It's Lifter Puller's world...we just live in it" in a story about The Clash. Of course, that same evening he was overheard saying to Finn "You guys are going to be bigger than Blur, or Pavement... [pause] ... or Blur." So take that into mind. But take a listen.