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L'Altra L'Altra L.O.S.D. L.O.S.D. La Rocca La Rocca La Sera La Sera Lab Coast Lab Coast Labradford Labradford Labyrinth Ear Labyrinth Ear Lady D Lady D Ladyfinger (NE) Ladyfinger (NE) Ladytron Ladytron Laid Featuring Emma Laid Featuring Emma Laj and Quakerman Laj and Quakerman Lake Of Dracula Lake Of Dracula Lake Trout Lake Trout Lakuna Lakuna Lali Puna Lali Puna Lambchop Lambchop Laminar Laminar Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey Land Speed Record Land Speed Record Landing Landing Landslide Landslide Languis Languis Lansing-Dreiden Lansing-Dreiden Lard Lard Large Professor Large Professor LaRocca LaRocca Laron Laron Larry Gus Larry Gus Larry Vincent Larry Vincent Las Robertas Las Robertas LASERS LASERS Lasers and Fast and Shit Lasers and Fast and Shit Last American Buffalo Last American Buffalo Last Lynx Last Lynx Last of the Juanitas Last of the Juanitas Laub Laub Laughing Stock Laughing Stock Laura Gibson Laura Gibson Laura Marling Laura Marling Laurel Halo Laurel Halo Lawson and Four More Lawson and Four More Layo & Bushwacka! Layo & Bushwacka! Lazy Lazy Lazycain Lazycain LCD LCD Le Butcherettes Le Butcherettes Le Pimp Le Pimp Le Shok Le Shok Le Sport Le Sport Le Youth Le Youth Le1f Le1f Leadbelly Leadbelly Lee "Scratch" Perry Lee "Scratch" Perry Lee Ranaldo Lee Ranaldo Leech Leech Lefty's Deceiver Lefty's Deceiver Legacy Legacy Legit Legit Leland Sundries Leland Sundries Lemâitre Lemâitre Lemon Jelly Lemon Jelly Lemonade Lemonade Lemongrass Lemongrass Lenola Lenola Leo Cuypers Leo Cuypers Leonard Friend Leonard Friend Les Go Les Go Les Jumeaux Les Jumeaux Les Macons De La Musique Les Macons De La Musique Les Sans Culottes Les Sans Culottes Les Savy Fav Les Savy Fav Leslies Leslies Lesser Lesser Leverage Models Leverage Models Lia Ices Lia Ices Lianne La Havas Lianne La Havas Liars Liars Library Voices Library Voices Life Coach Life Coach Lifeguards Lifeguards Lifetime Lifetime Lifter Puller Lifter Puller Light Asylum Light Asylum Light Leak Light Leak Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt LIGHTS LIGHTS Like Pioneers Like Pioneers Lil B Lil B Lili K. Lili K. Lilys Lilys Linda Lamb Linda Lamb Lion Babe Lion Babe Lionlimb Lionlimb Liquid Zen Liquid Zen Lisa Roxanne Lisa Roxanne Lissy Trullie Lissy Trullie Listing Ships Listing Ships Litmus Green Litmus Green Little Champions Little Champions Little Deadman Little Deadman Little Dragon Little Dragon Little Emily Warfield Little Emily Warfield Little Gold Little Gold Little Hurricane Little Hurricane Little Jungles Little Jungles Little Scream Little Scream Little Tybee Little Tybee Little Wing Little Wing Liturgy Liturgy Live Human Live Human Liz Janes Liz Janes Llama Farmers Llama Farmers Llips Llips Llorca Llorca Lo Magnifica Lo Magnifica Local Area Network Local Area Network Local H Local H Local Natives Local Natives Locrian Locrian Lois Lois Lone Lone Loney Dear Loney Dear Longineu  Parsons Longineu Parsons Loop Guru Loop Guru Looptroop Rockers Looptroop Rockers Lootpack Lootpack Loquat Loquat Lord Basis Lord Basis Lord Huron Lord Huron Loren MazzaCane Connors Loren MazzaCane Connors Los Campesinos! Los Campesinos! Los Otros Los Otros Loscil Loscil Lost Balance Lost Balance Lost Kids Lost Kids Lost Lander Lost Lander Lotus Lotus Lotus Mantra Lotus Mantra Lou Harrison Lou Harrison Loud Loud Lovage Lovage Love as Laughter Love as Laughter Love Inks Love Inks Love Life Love Life Love Lost But Not Forgotten Love Lost But Not Forgotten Love of Everything Love of Everything Love Sky Love Sky Love TKO Love TKO Low Low Low and Dirty Three Low and Dirty Three Low Flying Owls Low Flying Owls Low Skies Low Skies Lower Lower Lower Dens Lower Dens Lowercase Lowercase Lowfish Lowfish Loxy and Dylan Loxy and Dylan Lucia Y El Sexo Lucia Y El Sexo Luciano Luciano Lucy Dreams Lucy Dreams Luke Abrahms Luke Abrahms Luke Roberts Luke Roberts Luke Temple Luke Temple Luke Vibert/BJ Cole Luke Vibert/BJ Cole Lumen Lumen Lumisokea Lumisokea Luna Luna Luomo Luomo Lupine Lupine Lupine Howl Lupine Howl Lustmord Lustmord Lustre King Lustre King Luther Thomas/Human Arts Ensemble Luther Thomas/Human Arts Ensemble LVMRKS LVMRKS Lydia Loveless Lydia Loveless Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard Lykke Li Lykke Li Lync Lync Lynyrd's Innards Lynyrd's Innards Lypid Lypid The Ladderback The Ladderback The Ladies The Ladies The Ladybug Transistor The Ladybug Transistor The Lapse The Lapse The Latter The Latter The Legendary Pink Dots The Legendary Pink Dots The Letter E The Letter E The Lijadu Sisters The Lijadu Sisters The Limousines The Limousines The Locust The Locust The Lofty Pillars The Lofty Pillars The Long Drive The Long Drive The Loose Salute The Loose Salute The Lost Skrolls Of Hamaric The Lost Skrolls Of Hamaric The Loved The Loved The Loved Ones The Loved Ones The Lowdown The Lowdown The Luck of Eden Hall The Luck of Eden Hall The Lucys The Lucys The Lumpheads The Lumpheads The Luyas The Luyas