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Kind of Like Spitting

Kind of Like Spitting is Ben Barnett and a cast of many. The cast of many exists to help Barnett disseminate his painfully honest, emotionally resonant, diary-like poetry to thousands of sensitive indie rock ears, through the medium of music. The music they make is a kind of emo balladry, though to call it "emo" might take something away from the surprising elegance of its orchestration. Carefully plucked acoustic guitars and sad keening violins create a remarkably poignant, elegiac atmosphere for Barnett's vulnerable singing voice and his direct lyrics. The music isn't all moody and slow -- sometimes KolS shifts gears into midtempo indie, sometimes even venturing into heartland rock territory -- but the general tendency is toward gentle sadcore, with Barnett's fragile voice at the forefront.

Barnett and friends are from Portland, and have been around since the mid '90s with various lineups. They have released a remarkable number of recordings over the last half-decade. In addition to their numerous CDEPs, seven-inch singles, and compilation appearances, Kind of Like Spitting has recorded four LPs. 1999's Nothing Makes Sense without It was released on CD by New American Dream and on vinyl by Slowdance. It features "1330 Oak 1995" and "Birds of a Feather." In 2000, KolS put out two albums on Hush/Jealous Butcher: You Secretly Want Me Dead, including "Your Favorite Actor," "Happy?," and "Something in the Air," and Old Moon in the Arms of the New, including "Boy Cries Wolf," and the vinyl-only bonus track, "Timber." Also in 2000, KolS released $100 Room, on OHEV Records.