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John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill the nineteenth century British philosopher who preached the doctrine of utilitarianism (that which brings the greatest good to the greatest number of people possesses the most utility), is also the nom-de-rock of one John Schmersal, formerly of the late great Brainiac. Schmersal also subverts the nation's listening habits with his new band, Enon which sounds about as much like John Stuart Mill as JSM sounds like Brainiac. That is to say, not at all. One can only surmise that there's something a little funny in the water over in Dayton. Either that, or Mr. Schmersal has a serious multiple-personality disorder going on.

Regardless of Schmersal's pop schizophrenia, John Stuart Mill is catchy and quirky in the best and weirdest ways. Forget Everything is a speedy ride through lo-fi, fuzz-pop, four-track territory which careens quickly through the camps of Guided by Voices, Sebadoh, and early Pavement. All this in 26 minutes (and that's 13 songs)! From the vibrating guitar and watery vocals that open "A Check," to the herky-jerky rhythm and funky bass of "Desiree Has Tooth Decay," these songs strike right into the heart of pop. Oh, by the way, it was recorded on a four-track in an abandoned Masonic temple in Kentucky (Schmersal's residence at the time). Could you tell?

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