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Jessica Bailiff

Jessica Bailiff's voice is a dream. Her music is a dream. Her creations are to be found every night as you drift off to sleep, an invitation to stay there for a while longer, where it's warm and familiar. Her delicate voice and creative accompaniment are a lullaby.

Bailiff's partner in crime, to a certain extent, is none other than Low's own Alan Sparhawk. Sparhawk encouraged both Bailiff's musical explorations but also her submission of a demo to Chicago based Kranky. Since then Kranky has released three of Bailiff's records, all of which have been recorded in part or entirely at Low's studios with the help of Sparhawk and it shows.

Bailiff's sound is quite analogous to Low in many respects but differs in a few that are quite unique amongst the Slo-Core genre. For starters is the nature of her compositions, which are somewhat eclectic and have a certain ambient nature to them. At times one hears Pink Floyd then a moment later Mazzy Star. The base instrument throughout is an acoustic guitar, but sometimes it's so buried under ambient sounds and noises that you don't even notice it.

The product is a merger of sounds that sets Bailiff apart. Her voice has a slightly plaintive tone to it, but it's one that also carries a certain amount of resignation. Coupled with the creative instrumentation and production it shines dull but bright. A beacon amongst the dreams in which it seems perpetually lost.

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