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Hog Molly

If you're familiar with the late, great Seattle grunge-metal band Tad, you can probably guess that any project Tad's titular hero, the oversized and irrepressible Tad Doyle, takes on will probably be a thoroughly ass-kicking affair. Indeed, such is the case with Doyle's newest group, Hog Molly, a bombastic bruiser of a band that pulls out all the stops in its single-minded quest to rock. The trio, reportedly named for a colorful fish found of the Atlantic Coast, takes some Motor City snarl, some metal guitar overdrive, and some punk attitude to make a big, crunchy, skuzzy sound. Yes, in short, they sound much like Tad. Mr. "Tadarth Tadillac Seville" Doyle's partners in crime are bassist Ty "Satan" Garcia (ex-Ditch Witch and Willard) and drummer Jason "Slimmy D Diabolis" (ex-Monster Truck Driver). Together, the members of this trio pound out the vile sleaze-rock tunes in a manner both distasteful and virulent. That's right, just the way you like it. Hog Molly's first LP, Kung Fu Cocktail Grip, is available on the eclectic Kool Arrow label. The driving, evocatively titled metallic chuggers "Octapussy" and "Alcohog" both appear on that record.

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