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HandieMan Maurice

HandieMan Maurice is the original funkateer. He plays bass and guitar, produces and remixes, and comes straight from the deep, funky underground. He is also an instrumental part of the Dutch Tree-Top crew, which manages a web site specializing in custom CD burning on the underground tip.

After playing the live dance circuit for 15 years as the frontman of the funk band Burning, HandieMan Maurice started to produce instrumental beats in 1990. Through his years of playing live funk and industrial music, his music has evolved into a fusion of trip hop, drum and bass, and tripped-out hybrid electronica. HandieMan is truly a groundbreaker of new sounds and textures. His beats create variation in rhythm, speed, and sphere, without compromising his own personal taste.

Tracks like "Ik Ben In" showcase HandieMan's ability to segue from hip hop into drum and bass tempos with aural aplomb, while the atmospheric yet snazzy "Pheeyam," with its chopped-up percussion, skirts somewhere between LTJ Bukem and Squarepusher.

HandieMan records with some of Holland's finest vocalists -- like E.Motion Rob and rapper Brainpower -- and many other musicians and coproducers who come and go to and from his modest studio in the heart of the lowlands. Many Dutch bands seek out the HandieMan for his remixing skills. His remix of a special concert of P-Funk master Bootsy Collins has become famous among funkateers worldwide. He has also remixed the tracks of funk band Seven Eleven, and was discovered by Bootsy's vocalist Gary Mudbone Cooper, who also drops funky vocals on some of the remixes. Hearing this master of sound will only leave you craving for more. Check out his full-length CD, Leaf to Enter, on Sunburn Records.

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